Thursday, February 27, 2014

I really love the trend I’ve seen all over Pinterest and in various magazines of taking an old, outdated ceramic knick knacks and repainting it in a solid, glossy color.  On a recent shopping trip to Goodwill, I found a box of, pretty ugly, porcelain and ceramic bunnies.  Well, Easter is coming up, and I’ve been wanting to try to repaint figures, so I bought the box.  You could imagine the look I got from DH when he saw the box of ugly bunnies I brought home.  I keep on reminding him it was he who got me into all of this…  Anyway, here is one of the bunnies before it was painted.  I know, pretty dated, right?  The rest of them weren’t any better. But I saw the potential!     

First, I used Kilz spray paint primer to prime them all white.  They were starting to look better already.  The spray paint was a must with these because of all the fine detail many of them had.  This one didn't have too much detail, just the bow around his neck, but some of them had flowers around their necks and baskets and such.  Don't worry I have pictures of them all!   

You can see two more of the bunnies here along with a few other projects I was working on you will see more of those projects in upcoming posts, hopefully... (oh, and never mind the recycle bin! haha)

Next, I went to Walmart and picked out some very pretty, pastel spring colors of Krylon spray paint.  (Walmart really has the best price on the spray paint.) after the primer was dry, I spray painted the bunnies.  I had to do one side, let it dry and then do the next side.  I was lucky enough to be able to paint a few of them outside where I was able to have a 360 degree access to the piece.  Make sure when you are spray apinting inside to vent the area well.  The spraypaint fumes are pretty strong!  It is hard to do that when it is cold outside! 
I also had to repaint some of them because, even with the spray paint, I did not get in all the detail spots.  Anyway, this is what they all looked like when they were dry.    

I think they are much cuter and updated now.  I can't wait to display them for Easter, I just need to decide where I will display them.  I still got an eye roll from some family members, but at least my 9 year old thinks they are adorable his favorite is the bunny on all fours.  That one was brown and we painted it blue because blue is his favorite color!  I am also still deciding if I should put a glaze over them or leave them as they are.  I am kind of liking how they look as a solid color, but a glaze will make some of the detail on some of the pieces stand out.  I'll post again if I do.  What do you think?  

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