About Me and this Blog

My name is Jill.  I am a mother, a wife, a low-carber and an amateur crafter.  I am interested in a lot of things including DIY projects and nutrition.  I never intended to blog about the upcycling and crafting that I started, but I really enjoy doing creating things, so I thought a blog would be a great way to show what I am making. 
I really blame my husband (haha) who, on his daily travels for work, started bringing home odds and ends and furniture that he would find in trash piles on the side of the road.  It escalated from there into trips to Goodwill, the Kidney Foundation and Habitat for Humanity thrift stores looking for treasures that could be refinished or re-pourposed.  Add a little bit of Pinterest ideas and, well, things just escalated from there!  There is a certain amount of satisfaction in creating something beautiful from something someone discarded. 

My goal is to showcase some of my projects but I will also occassionally post things that interest me regarding family, health or anything else.  Hopefully I will inspire you to create something or at the very least give you some great tips and information that I have learned along the way!

I hope you enjoy!

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