Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Awesome giveaways for September!

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Updates: More giveaways:

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Monday, September 2, 2013

I recently read this BuzzFeed article on facebook titled 18 Extremely Dissapointing Facts about "Healthy" Foods (all photos are from the Buzz Feed article).

Though I agree that these foods have been marketed to us as "healthy" for years, I think there are a few points the article left out.  Here are a few of my observations:

1.  Granola is also usually not gluten free.  Now you can find gluten free granola or you can make some granola using "Paleo" ingredients such as this recipe for Caveman Crunch by the Civilized Caveman.

Low-fat yogurt.
2.  Low fat yogurt does indeed have sugar in it.  It is Low Calorie yogurt that is filled with artificial sweetners and many yogurts also have corn starch and/corn syrup in them.  And we all know most corn is GMO.

Vitamin Water:
Vitamin water.
3.  Agree with Vitamin Water... just loaded with sugar and not healthy at all

Turkey Bacon:
Turkey bacon.
4.  Agree with this one, too... Turkey Bacon is not real bacon...  Besides, according to Chris Kresserthere is absolutely no reason to fear real bacon.

Trail Mix:
Trail mix.
5.  Agree with this, too.  Instead try this trail mix recipe made with paleo ingredients from NomNomPaleo

Reduced Fat Peanut Butter:
Reduced-fat peanut butter.
6.  I try to stay away from peanuts since they are not considered paleo.  They are a legume not a nut.  I will occassionally give some to my kids, but I have NEVER bought reduced fat peanut butter... That's just gross!  I am trying to transition my kids to sunflower seed butter.  It is healthier and I think it tastes very similar to peanut butter, but the color is different and they will have no part of it.  Until I can fully convince them, I will continue to use the natural, no sugar added, but full fat, peanut butter.

Veggie Burger:
Veggie burgers.
7.  If you are going to have a burger go for the 100% grass fed and finished beef burger.  Way healthier than the veggie burger and definietly stay away from anything soy or tofu!!!  Oh and leave off the bun for virtually zero carbs and no gluten!

Lite Dressing:

Light salad dressing.
8.  I don't even like the taste of lite dressing... I really hate bottled dressing since most contain soy or canola oils and also corn syrup.  I am guilty of buying bottled ranch and honey mustard dressings, though, but we use them sparingly.  Best dressing (and easiest) I've found for a nice salad...  Good quality Olive Oil and crushed garlic.  Let it sit a few minutes and pour over the salad.  You can add vinegar, too, if you like, but I usually leave it out.

Diet Frozen Dinners:
Diet frozen dinners.
9.  At one time I was guilty (very guilty) of eating these.  I would have one a day for lunch.  I lost a lot of weight, but I was starving myself.  I now know better and know just how horrible these things are for you.  They are loaded with so many chemicals and gluten they are not worth it.  Better off with some grass fed/finished beef or some free-range chicken or bacon and eggs!

V8 Juice:
V8 juice.
10.  I don't really worry too much about sodium, maybe I should, but I don't.  I think we need salt and I tend to put a lot on my foods, though I rarely add it when cooking.  However, I think you are better off eating your veggies rather than drinking them, though.  That goes for fruits, too.

Diet Soda:
Diet soda.
11. Diet soda...  let's just leave it at that... please don't consume artificial sweeteners.  There are a ton of studies as to how bad these are for you, just do an internet search.  Plus they actually make you crave more sweets and do not help with diabetes.

12.  Muffins: loaded with gluten and sugar.  These are a dessert and should be eaten sparingly, not a breakfast staple.  Add to that the fact that once you eat a muffin you crave more sweets and within the hour (or sooner) you are hungry.  For breakfast..  2-3 pastured eggs and bacon will keep you full until lunch.  Now there are some great coconut flour muffins and bread recipes out there and I will give those to my kids (who do not like eggs) for breakfast, but if you are trying to lose weight, then you should still avoid these and have them as a treat.

Veggies chips:
Veggie chips.s
13.  I think veggie chips are probably ok if you dehydrate your own.  Some of these veggie chips contain other ingredients like gluten.  You need to read the label carefully before buying.  Terra brands are basically pure but they are made with seed oils so you are still better off dehydrating your own.

14.  I think the above about comment about yogurt probably also applies here, but I have never even looked into buying this yogurt.  I honestly only give yogurt to my kids.  I don't like it and never had.  I don't do dairy and if I could transition my kids to coconut yogurt I would, but they are very resistant to adopting a full paleo lifestyle.  Luckily they do not have weight issues and are still kids and are active enough to require a few extra calories.

Baked Chips:
Baked chips.
15.  The lays baked chips can also contain gluten ingredients.  Again, anything processed is not good for you.  Be sure to read your labels and look into investing in a food dehydrator.  You can do wonders with one!


Breakfast cereals.
16.  Cereal.  In my opinion, there is no healthy cereal.  Cereal is loaded with sugar and carbs, GMO ingredients like corn and soy and if you ever look at the real serving size of a bowl of cereal you will realize you are eating way more than you should be.  I mean who can survive until lunch on a half cup of cereal and some milk??  Stay away from cereal and have some bacon and eggs for breakfast, minus the toast, for breakfast.  It is much healthier and you will stay full til lunch time.

Multigrain bread.
17.  Bread.  What can I say.  It is full of highly addicting gluten and carbs.  If you want to lose weight, ditch the bread.  Also, we have been told for years that the whole grain bread is much better for us than white bread.  But according to Dr. William Davis in his book Wheat Belly, whole grain bread affects your blood sugar more than plain old white bread!  Of course I recommend staying away from bread all together, but this is one of many instances where the food industry has duped the public into thinking something is healthy when it is not.  Is it really any wonder we have a weight problem!

Bottled Tea:

Bottled green tea.
18.  Bottled green tea...  Like it says, loaded with sugar.  Brew your own tea and leave the sweetener (artificial or natural) out.  Ok, I know,  I know those of you born and raised in the Southern United States will balk at the idea, but good quality tea is actually good unsweetened... it just takes some getting used to!

All in all I liked the article and I think it gave a lot of information.  I think everyone should, of course research these products and make an informed decision.  I have no formal dietitian training, but I do a lot of research on line and I try to follow a paleo or primal way of life and I especially try to eat and serve only real foods.